Would you like to start horse riding?

Horses are herd animals. They are quick to scare, but learn well, have excellent memory and well developed sense of fairness. If you are accepted as a part of the herd, better yet the alpha of the herd, you will have a great time with a horse. You can teach it many tricks and it could just happen he will remember something better then you did, so be careful what you teach it. Always treat the horse as your partner be it at work or sport, as it’s a living being, which requires gentleness, patience and lots of persistence.

Horse riding school

Trail riding

Equestrian games

Horse riding school is active through  the whole year. Depending on the riding skill, the rider is led by an instructor,  riding on the lunge line, joining the riding lessons with other riders or taking lessons individually for more intense practices. Riders have a chance to take horse riding exams, as well as try for horse jumping or dressage license. Confident riders, who have already passed the riding exams, are welcome to join us on one of the beautiful trail rides around the club.

Each year we ride to a nearby town to receive blessing for the horses, make a traditional trail ride for Halloween and sometimes we go hacking just for fun!

Equestrian games are organized each year, together with the KK Strmol. Riders of all ages join to compete in riding skill, throwing horseshoes, overcoming the obstacles and teamwork.


NEW! Pony hours on KD Pesnica

Radovednim in raziskovanja željnim otrokom smo pripravili urice, v času katerih bodo spoznavali živali v mini živalskem vrtu ter izvedeli vse kar so si kadarkoli želeli vedeti o konjih, se naučili za njih skrbeti in se z njimi cartali. Seveda pa se bo vsak za krajši čas na konja tudi povzpel in preizkusil, kakšen je pogled na svet iz sedla. Urice bo vodila Tamara, izkušena inštruktorica jahanja. Primerno za otroke od 3 do 7 let.

Time: Every Friday from 17:00 to 18:00 (children should arrive 15 minutes in advance)
Price: 10 € / child, please apply in advance by phone +386 (0)40 726 955 (Tamara)

Horse riding club Pesnica

Horse riding club Pesnica was founded in 1990. Our instructors have taken classes at Equestrian Federation of Slovenia and the Equestrian Academy. Soon after we have started the horse riding school, as well as preparing the horses for competitive riding.

When teaching horse riding, we give a big emphasis on veterinary science, horse psychology and dressage. Without the broad knowledge of horses the student can’t pass the final riding exams.

Club members are bonded by their love of horses, and love to get together after the riding lessons, spending time in and around the stables. We have about 100 club members and around 20 horses. We offer horse riding school, trail riding, pony riding, therapeutic riding, equestrian games, horse training and horse rearing. We offer housing for horses, as well as a picnic place.

Join us! We’ll make sure you’ll feel good with us and we’ll get you thrilled about the equestrian sport. Welcome!

Horse riding school

Trail riding

Equestrian games

Therapeutic riding

Horse rearing